Location TMax TMin Rain
Jalandhar 33.7 25.7 Rainy
Kanpur 37.9 29.8 Rainy
Hooghly 35.4 27.4 Rainy
Kadapa 36.0 26.1 Clear
Location Rain Max Payout Price
Indore 500 mm 10000 1000
Patna 600 mm 10000 1000
Jaipur 300 mm 10000 1000
Jodhpur 125 mm 10000 1000
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Agro Advisory service to farmers to maximize production
Farm level information to minimize costs and check if growing a particular crop is feasible or not
Identify areas where seed farming can be done
 Crop acreages and Yield estimation
Flood and Disaster mapping 
Oil and Gas identification
Infrastructure planning 
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